Lupe Valdez for Governor

"From migrant farmworker to U.S. Army Captain, federal agent to the very proud sheriff of the good people of Dallas County, I've dedicated  my life to defending Texans and I'm not done yet!"

Mike Collier for Lt. Governor

For too long Texas politicians have been more interested in their political ambition than in doing right by the hard working people of our state. Texas needs leaders who have the courage to tell taxpayers the truth and who have the know-how to hold the Texas politicians accountable. Mike will be that kind of independent 

Lt. Governor we need fighting for us!

Justin Nelson for Attorney General

"I will work for ALL Texans, not for special interest. I will work to stop corruption, fraud, and government waste. I will work to safeguard consumer protections. I will work to ensure everyone equally under the law. In fact, my work for you starts NOW. and defeating Ken Paxton is first thing on my list. "

Kim Olson for Texas Commissioner of Agriculture  

4th generation Farmer and Educator- Kim, a Master Gardener, lectures on small scale regenerative agriculture  and practices sustainable eco-ag on her family farm where she and her husband, Kent, raise fruits, vegetables, and pecans sold to direct markets, keep beehives for pollination and honey, and restore native grasslands.

Roman McAllen for Railroad Commissioner

"Commissioners of the Texas Railroad Commission are protecting industry. Let's change that. The Texas Railroad Commission must be renamed so the public knows what the agency they pay for is doing. Water scarcity requires eliminating fresh water for fracking and disposable wells. Texas needs a public advocate to enforce existing environmental and public safety protection." 


Joi Chevalier for Comptroller

" I see what Texas can be, when all of it's resources are used wisely."

Miguel Suazo for Land Commissioner

"Texas has been good to me and so many others, but when I see the job Mr. Bush is failing to do, I feel obligated to act."